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User-optimised control covers any requirement

Sunsync™ is designed to cover alle needs, regardless of project size, complexity, or price level. The series ranges from classic analog control to digital control. Sunsync™ can be integrated and optimised in relation to other building controls.

Sun shading is a physically movable part with major impact on the general comfort of the users. Unfortunately, users frequently experience that the sun shading is not sufficiently efficient. Hence, sunsync™ is also more than just an optimised control system. The user-friendly concept is scalable and programmable so that it meets individual requirements. It includes a quality assurance, both with regard to the effect of the sun shading on the indoor climate and with regard to the experience of the individual user experience.

Sunsync™ was developed and optimised compared to existing open bus systems and is thus, irrespective of brand,  the optimum solution for control of sun shading.

Important guidance
On installation of the system our technical experts make a great effort introducing sunsync™. They inform users of correct use, to ensure that the system is used as intended and thus a factor furthering a good indoor climate rather than not a source of irritation for the users.